Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is how it started

One day in late February my mom and I arrived at our local puppy raising club. When we walked in the door we were welcomed by the club leader, who was holding an 8 week old puppy in her arms! Ends up that she just got her the day before. I held the pup and even worked with her a little bit. It was a wonderful evening.

On the way home I told my mom that it felt so good to be in a room filled with people who had the same passion as me! You see my mom isn't really a dog person(but she's starting to be)and I've never owned a dog before. But God's given me a passion to help people and to work with dogs, and raising a puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind was a perfect match!


  1. Hi, Mikayla ~ it is very impressive that you are on your way to having a dream that you have come true. You are a very caring young gal and I know that you will work through the difficult times of training a dog because you have such a passion to help others and because you love animals so much. I wish you every bit of success and am very proud of your efforts and of the support you are getting from your parents. I love you, Grandma Ellie

  2. How fun Mikayla! I look forward to reading more when you post. I really think you're going to have a great time and learn a lot. Plus, puppies are adorable. Miss you and love you lots!


  3. I like it Mikayla! Looks like you have been working hard!! Have fun learning more about puppies! I miss you lots!!